About AIA

Airbridge International Agencies Ltd (AIA) is the leading international service provider in Cargo management, with a worldwide network based in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

In addition to our main area of business as a Cargo GSA – we provide further professional services from our group companies such as passenger GSA provider Aviareps AG – the world’s largest passenger GSA organisation, our tourism group, and others.

We provide unique and extensive outsourcing opportunities, and each of our customers benefits from an entirely individualized worldwide corporate identity.

At Airbridge International Agencies all services provided are uniquely tailored to meet the carrier’s needs, and traditional GSA (General Sales Agent) work has been modified so that it is more in line with airline management.

AIA is proud to be part of the following group of companies: Aviareps AG, OpenSky, OpenSky Cargo and IDB Tourism.

AIA enjoys the benefits of being part of a strong and financially stable group and we are able to offer our airline customers links to all the above group companies if desired.

Why Choose AIA

One Stop Shop

We can provide all your cargo needs across the world with a “one stop shop” team.

Financial Stability

Being part of a large successful group of companies will give you peace of mind knowing we are financially stable.

Sales Reach

Our set up will give you the necessary reach across the regions of the world you would like us to focus on.


Due to the size of our operation AIA can provide the necessary knowledge and reach, and we are well known by the freight forwarding community.

AIA seeks to offer you a complete GSA package that will mould around your needs and requirements.